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HSA/545 HSA545 HSA 545 Week 3 Discussion


HSA 545 Week 3 Discussion “Do No Harm and Financing for an Aging Population” Please respond to the following: • Take a position as to whether or not nursing homes should have the authority to restrain a resident. Next, determine who should be held liable if the resident sustains injuries while being restrained. Provide a rationale for your response. • Review the video titled “Senator Elizabeth Warren – The Future of Long-Term Care Policy: Continuing the Conversation” (9 min 32 s). Click here to view the video if it is not playing below. Next, describe the fiscal impact of the growth and aging of the population on long-term care services, and take a position as to whether or not the federal government should continue to provide subsidies to offset the cost to families utilizing long-term care services. Provide support for your response.


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