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HSA 535/ HSA 535 Midterm Exam Latest 2016


Question 1 of 25 Which of the following is not usually an aim of epidemiology? A.To describe the health status of the population B.To fund new public health programs C.To explain the etiology of disease D.To predict the occurrence of disease E.To control the distribution of disease Question 2 of 25 The Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) is responsible for (give the best answer): A.tracking down unusual disease outbreaks in the United States and foreign countries B.collecting epidemiologic intelligence for local health departments C.disseminating epidemiologic information to members of the community D.reporting suspicious epidemiologic agents to governmental agencies Question 3 of 25 Which of the following activities characterizes a clinical approach (as opposed to an epidemiologic approach)? A.Description of specific signs and symptoms B.Description of seasonal trends in disease occurrence C.Examination of disease occurrence among population groups D.Demonstration of geographic variations in disease frequency Question 4 of 25 Indicate the level of prevention represented by screening for breast cancer A.Primary Prevention Active B.Primary Prevention Passive C.Secondary Prevention D.Tertiary Prevention Question 5 of 25 Cyclic variations in the occurrence of pneumonia and influenza mortality may reflect A.seasonal variations in cases of influenza B.the fact that influenza is a disappearing disorder C.long-term changes in mortality trends D.both A and B Question 6 of 25 Which of the following terms is expressed as a proportion (as distinguished from a ratio)? A.Male Births / Female Births B.Female Births / Male + Female Births C.Female Births / Male Births D.A and C Question 7 of 25 The risk of acquiring a given disease during a time period is best determined by A.the mortality rate from that disease in the 0-4 age group B.a spot map that records all cases of the disease in the past year C.the period prevalence for that disease during the past year D.the incidence rate (cumulative incidence) for that disease in a given period of time Question 8 of 25 An epidemiologic survey of roller-skating accidents in Metroville, a city with a population of 100,000, produced the following: Number of skaters in Metroville during any given month: 12,000 Roller-skating accidents in Metroville: 600 Total number of residents injured from roller-skating:1,800 Total number of deaths from roller-skating:90 Total number of deaths from all causes:900 The cause-specific mortality rate from roller-skating was: A.90/600 × 100,000 B.90/100,000 × 100,000 C.90/1,800 × 100,000 D.90/900 × 100,000 Question 9 of 25 The use of Geographic Information Systems may be thought of as following the heritage of A.Graunt B.Snow C.Koch D.Semmelweis Question 10 of 25 As a characteristic of persons, age is perhaps the most important factor to consider when one is describing the occurrence of virtually any disease or illness, because A.older people are more health conscious B.older people seek medical treatment more often C.there is a greater variance in age-specific disease rates than in rates defined by almost any other personal attribute D.there are more numbers in ages than in geographical places or diseases in a population Question 11 of 25 What factors should be considered in measuring long-term changes in disease frequency over time? A.Changes in diagnostic criteria B.Changes in the age distribution C.Changes in the fatal course of the condition D.All of the above Question 12 of 25 According to the natural history of disease model, the time before the precursors of disease and the host interact is called the period of A.Prepathogenesis B.Pathogenesis C.Primogenesis D.B and C Question 13 of 25 Which form of prevention takes place after the precursors of disease interact with the host? A.Tertiary B.Secondary C.Primary D.Both A and B Question 14 of 25 In 1900, the death ra


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