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HSA 515 Week 1 Discussion


HSA 515 Week 1 Discussion Development of U.S. Health Care in Hospitals Based on the Foundation of U.S. Law Please respond to the following: •* From the scenario, relate the basic steps in the development of U.S. health law, leading up to the present, to you or an employer’s need for health insurance coverage in light of the provisions that the Affordable Health Care Act sets forth. Rationalize the fundamental way in which these laws play a pivotal part in understanding the roles that today’s health care administrators play. •Analyze the transition of health care from the 18th Century leading up to the 21st Century. Evaluate the degree and quality of care established within 18th Century U.S. hospitals, as compared to the level of care seen in today’s hospitals. Examine the primary roles of progressive health care law in shaping the current modern environments.


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