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HSA 515 HSA515 HSA/515 Week 11 Final Exam Part 2


HSA 515 HSA515 HSA/515 Week 11 Final Exam Part 2 • Question 1 Discrimination in the treatment of patients on the basis of race • Question 2 Patients have a right to refuse a blood transfusion • Question 3 Regardless of their ability to pay, patients presenting themselves to a hospital emergency department with acute medical or surgical problems should • Question 4 Patients have a right to • Question 5 Patients have a responsibility to report to their nurses and physicians • Question 6 The HIV virus is generally spread • Question 7 There have been cases in which a plaintiff has charged that he or she contracted AIDS as a result of the transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products. In such cases, the plaintiff must prove that there was • Question 8 Suits often arise as a result of a person claiming that he or she contracted HIV as a result of a • Question 9 A service member who is wrongfully diagnosed with Aids • Question 10 High risk groups include • Question 11 Ethics that focuses on the inherent character of a person rather than on the specific actions that he or she performs. • Question 12 The ability to make a good decision without personal biases, fears, and undue influences from others. • Question 13 The obligation to be fair in the distribution of benefits and risks. • Question 14 An individual’s view of what is right and wrong based on life experiences. • Question 15 A form of beneficence. People, often believing that they know what is best for another, often make decisions that they believe are in that person’s best interest. • Question 16 Physicians are feeling the heat • Question 17 The case that paved the way for women to have the right to choose an abortion was • Question 18 Surrogacy is a method of reproduction whereby a woman agrees to give birth to a child • Question 19 Damages sought for a negligently performed sterilization might include • Question 20 Sterilization because of medical necessity • Question 21 The act or practice of painlessly putting to death a person suffering from an incurable condition, the mercy killing of the hopelessly ill . . . • Question 22 This doctor claims to have assisted 130 patients in committing suicide after suffering years of tormenting pain • Question 23 The first state to enact the first living will legislation • Question 24 The In re Quinlan case was so significant because f whether euthanasia should be permitted when a patient is terminally ill • Question 25 An order written by a physician and placed on the medical chart of a patient, indicating that in the event of a cardiac or respiratory arrest, no resuscitative measures should be employed to revive the patient • Question 26 Under an insurance policy with a coverage of $50,000/$120,000, with damages totaling $60,000 in a lawsuit for plaintiff 1 and $10,000 for plaintiff 2, for how much would the insurance carrier be responsible? • Question 27 Insurance companies are required by the laws of the different states to issue only policies that contain certain mandated provisions, • Question 28 A health care organization can • Question 29 Under an insurance policy with a coverage of $50,000/$120,000, with damages totaling $60,000 in a lawsuit for plaintiff 1 and $10,000 for plaintiff 2, for how much is the insured responsible? • Question 30 The basic underlying concept of insurance is Health Care Assignment Help, Health Care Homework help, Health Care Study Help, Health Care Course Help


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