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HSA 515 HSA515 HSA/515 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1


HSA 515 HSA515 HSA/515 Week 11 Final Exam Part 1 • Question 1 A physician is • Question 2 A physician who decides to withdraw his services should • Question 3 The committee that oversees the application process for new medical staff applicants • Question 4 The committee responsible for developing and/or approving policies relating to the handling and administration of drugs • Question 5 The premature dismissal of a case without notifying the patient can be construed as • Question 6 Each state has its own nurse practice act that defines the practice of • Question 7 A nurse who is uncertain about a physician’s order should first clarify the order with the • Question 8 The scope of practice refers to the permissible boundaries of practice for health care professionals, as is often defined in • Question 9 Mrs. Ard noticed that her husband was having difficulty breathing. He was reeling from side to side in bed. Believing that her husband was dying, she continued to call for help, estimating that she rang the call bell for 1.25 hours before anyone responded. A code was eventually called. Unfortunately, Mr. Ard did not survive the code. The court determined that • Question 10 A nurse who fails to follow the doctor’s verbal orders to watch the patient closely • Question 11 A formal listing of drugs used in an organization • Question 12 The recognition by a governmental or professional association that an individual’s expertise meets the standards of that group Under EMTALA patients should be • Question 14 A high-risk department that tends to be a main source of lawsuits for hospitals is • Question 15 The primary purposes of state dental practice acts are to • Question 16 The medical record is important to a health care facility because it • Question 17 Rewriting record entries by a nurse • Question 18 Health care organizations undergoing computerization must • Question 19 The following should be written in a patient’s medical record • Question 20 The process of facilitating the flow of information within and among departments and caregivers. • Question 21 When applying the objective standard of informed consent • Question 22 When a physician doubts a patient’s capacity to consent • Question 23 Adult patients who are conscious and mentally competent • Question 24 The best form of consent is • Question 25 When questions arise as to whether adequate consent has been given, some courts take into consideration the information that is ordinarily provided by other physicians. A physician must • Question 26 An individual who reports child abuse should be aware of the physical and behavioral indicators of abuse and maltreatment that appear to be part of a pattern • Question 27 Physicians are also required to report complaints, disciplinary actions, and criminal offenses to the • Question 28 Elements of an effective corporate compliance program include • Question 29 Persons in the health care setting who are required to report child abuse are • Question 30 Any report of suspected child abuse must be made with Health Care Assignment Help, Health Care Homework help, Health Care Study Help, Health Care Course Help


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