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HRMN 300 WEEK 5 QUIZ Question 1 The first step in an effective employee training is the stage of Question options: a) career development b) external training c) orientation d) mentoring e) in-house training Question 2 Which of the following is true regarding in-house training? Question options: a) Sending an employee to attend seminars and conferences is an example. b) It represents the last step in the employee training and development program. c) It involves learning opportunities developed by the organization in which they are used. d) It is the process of welcoming a new employee into the organization. e) It typically is conducted as a one-time event by external trainers. Question 3 Which of the following is an example of technical training? Question options: a) Nicole has recently become a supermarket cashier, and much of her training involves learning how to bill goods quickly and correctly for customers. b) An industrial chemical plant in the suburbs conducts training to ensure that employees are protected from injuries caused by work-related accidents. c) Mr. Jones has recently incorporated a training module to enhance the interpersonal skills of his new employees, as it will add value to their performance. d) All employees who join McAdams Hot Meals, a restaurant chain, have to attend training to understand the special implications of ethics in the food industry. e) Michael has to attend a training session that will help his team make effective decisions, troubleshoot quickly, and communicate better. Question 4 Which of these statements is true with regard to the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO? Question options: a) The ISO14000 is the set of standards for quality management. b) Organizations like ISO measure quality in terms of qualitative judgments. c) The ISO has failed to develop adequate quality standards to cover all goods. d) The ISO9000 is the set of standards for environmental management. e) Globalization has made the ISO quality standards more relevant and necessary. Question 5 A soft skills program is likely to include modules on Question options: a) the theory and practical uses of an advancement in technology b) team-building exercises and team development skills c) social etiquette and desirable personal habits d) the ISO9000 standards e) evacuation plans, fire drills, and first-aid tips Question 6 Which of the following is a difference between team training and managerial training? Question options: a) Team training has an external orientation; management training has an internal orientation. b) Team training is conducted for employees who are experienced in the company; managerial training is for novices. c) Team training involves all employees working in groups; managerial training is aimed at candidates for promotion. d) Team training occurs on an individual basis; managerial training occurs through in-house training exclusively. e) Team training involves administrative aspects of a job; managerial training focuses on cohesiveness among employees. Question 7 Which of these is a defining feature of on-the-job coaching? Question options: a) lunchtime training sessions b) in-house facilitation c) job-swapping with superiors d) external trainers e) study of another culture and society Question 8 The process by which an employee is trained and developed by an experienced advisor who has direct investment in the development of an employee is called Question options: a) peer-to-peer learning b) team training c) self-paced learning d) internship e) mentorship Question 9 Which of the following differentiates between on-the-job coaching and mentorship? Question options: a) On-the-job coaching has a short-term orientation; mentorship involves the development of the employee over an extended period of time. b) On-the-job coaching is conducted by a trusted advisor; mentorship is conducted by an external trainer who has been


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