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HR paper Research paper proposal


HR paper Research paper proposal For my research paper, I would like to write on showing the seven categories of HR functions. I will write my paper on the seven functions stated in the book in the following order; strategy and planning, equal employment opportunity, staffing, talent manager, rewards, risk management and worker protection, and employee and labor relations. When writing about equal employment opportunity, I will be sure to include the laws and regulations that affects equal employment opportunity. When writing about rewards, I plan to include compensation that includes pay, incentives and benefits. Although writing about seven functions can turn into a long paper, I will emphasize the key areas and expand in more important areas. Strategy and planning Equal employment Opportunity – include laws & regulations affecting EEO Staffing Talent manager Rewards – include compensation: pay, incentives, benefits Risk management and worker protection Employee and labor relations Criteria for grading: o Papers are to be typed in proper APA format. o Set up for double spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point font. o The paper should read smoothly, with clean transitions between sections. o It is to be free of typographic and grammatical errors. o Page limits: Five page minimum; ten page maximum (Title page, abstract and references are NOT included in your page count). o Use of original, scholarly sources (properly cited).


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