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HR/420 HR420 HR 420 UNIT 4 ASSIGNMENT Unit 4 Assignment Assignment: Hiring an International Operations Specialist Serena Carlson is the Manager (at the Seattle office) at a global consulting company, Global Operations Inc. (GOI) with offices worldwide. They need to specifically hire an international operations specialist from abroad who will be based in the U.S. for a consulting job that will entail helping their client globalize their company and especially their plant operations. For at least the first year the new hire will be traveling around the Southwestern U.S. to the client’s operations and then traveling to China and Spain occasionally for their client. They will be based out of Phoenix. Serena Carlson, Manager of the office and a Contract Administrator Peter Hanlin, are discussing the potential candidates. You will need to: 1. Watch the video below of Serena and Peter’s conversation. 2. Download the rubric below for full Assignment instructions and Serena’s job posting. Directions for Submitting your Assignment Compose your minimum 2–3 page Assignment in a Microsoft Word® document using APA format and citation style, add a title and references page, and save it as Username-HR420 Assignment -Unit#.doc. Submit your file to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 4. Human Resource Management Assignment Help, Human Resource Management Homework help, Human Resource Management Study Help, Human Resource Management Course Help


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