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HR/420 HR420 HR 420 UNIT 3 ASSIGNMENT Unit 3 Assignment Pre-employment Testing You have been hired as the HR Manager of a 200-employee trucking company. The company will be expanding to 250 employees due to a new long-term contract. The CEO has asked you to prepare a 2–3 page paper addressing pre-employment testing as a means for improving the hiring process. Write your 2–3 page paper in APA format addressing the following questions and submit to the Assignment Dropbox: 1. Which test(s) do you recommend the company start using and why are you recommending the test(s)? 2. What are some steps the company should take when implementing employment testing? 3. What are some potential pitfalls and legal issues associated with employment testing? Human Resource Management Assignment Help, Human Resource Management Homework help, Human Resource Management Study Help, Human Resource Management Course Help


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