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HMGT 320 Week #2 322 Week #3 response


response wk#3 HMGT 320 Week #2 Response. Need a response to each post (Discussion). There are 4 post total. I have also attached my origanal post that requires a reponse back to my instructor. My original post will be last, with the question my teacher proposed. The postings that require my peer response are listed first.. These post are very lengthy, I apologize. You may put your response on a different sheet of paper but please ensure you put the “name” of the person’s discussions you are responding to. Just give one general overall response, not a response to each article. A response should be about 5-10 sentences. Don’t over do it. Alexander Wright posted Jan 30, 2016 10:47 PM 1. Article 1…. Quality Chasm a. Explain the role of electronic health records in in implementing quality as described in the article. Electronic Health Records provide an opportunity for ease of access for medical history of a patient. The electronic medical record can saved and available via online, allowing instant access to medical professional during times of immediate need. Also, the medical record can be reviewed and updated by the owner (patient), allowing additional information to be entered which might not be normally be entered by an examining official or PCP. Adopting electronic health records can also lead to a savings in care costs and reduce medical errors. http://content.healthaffairs.org/content/24/5/1103.full 2. Article 2…Intro to Quality Improvement Methods. a. Explain the Deming PDSA model The Deming PDSA model is a multistep process which consists of stages for: planning, doing, studying, and acting in relation to quality improvement methods. The never-ending cycle works to continuously modify any processes completed based on results to guarantee the goals are met. https://www.deming.org/theman/theories/pdsacycle b. As a Healthcare Administrator, provide an example (from experience or research) as to how this model can be implemented in your facility. Illustrate use of the four steps in your example. Implementing the Deming PDSA model as a Healthcare Administrator would involve identify each step and how it would relate to the overall chosen goal. For example if the goal was patient weight reduction the following steps might be outlined: Plan – (identify the goal) – the patient will lose 25 lbs over 6 months, through healthy eating choices and moderate exercise. Do – (the process) – the patient will reduce calorie intake to 2500 a day, with reduced sugar intake, and a goal of 45 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. Study – (monitor for results) – the food intake and exercise will be monitored for compliance to the goals and plan set. A weigh-in will be completed ever 2 weeks of the patient, with a food and exercise diary review weekly. Act – (review of results, learning period) – review results and learning from outcomes, adjusting process if needed to meet the goal originally set. 3.Article 3…. Total Quality Management a. Define TQM as it relates to healthcare organizations. Total Quality Management (TCM) in relation to healthcare organizations is the review of patient, provider, network, insurance, and programs satisfaction. Respond to Alexander here • Jammie Reedy posted Jan 24, 2016 9:06 PM 1. Article 1…. Quality Chasm a. Implementing electronic health records will allow patients’ needs to be met quicker than with paper records and at a lower cost. Electronic health records help to improve the quality of care patients receive. Errors can be reduced and information can be shared more easily among other healthcare providers. Reference: The executive summary of “Crossing the Quality Chasm.” http://www.iom.edu/~/media/Files/Report%20Files/2001/Crossing-the-Quality-Chasm/Quality%20Chasm%202001%20%20report%20brief.pdf 2. Article 2…Intro to Quality Improvement Methods. a. The Deming P


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