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history quiz


history quiz Question 1 During the Second World War, __________ and __________ were led to believe they were members of a race superior to anyone else. a. Poland, Yugoslavia b. France, Germany c. Japan, Germany d. Germany, Italy e. England, Russia 1 points Save Answer Question 2 Which of the following was not a target of Hitler’s Nazi party? a. Homosexuals b. Gypsies c. Jews d. Capitalists e. Communists 1 points Save Answer Question 3 How did the cold war change in 1949? a. The United States developed an atomic bomb. b. The Soviets erected the Berlin Wall. c. The Soviets placed nuclear missiles in Cuba. d. The Soviets detonated a nuclear bomb. e. The Soviets sent a manmade satellite into orbit. 1 points Save Answer Question 4 When President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office, he was succeeded by a. Harry S Truman. b. Dwight D. Eisenhower. c. Herbert Hoover. d. Richard M. Nixon. e. Lyndon Baines Johnson. 1 points Save Answer Question 5 The first African American to play baseball for a major league team played for the a. White Sox. b. Yankees. c. Red Sox. d. Dodgers. e. Clippers. 1 points Save Answer Question 6 What inspired FDR to set up the Manhattan Project? a. He saw it as a way to get revenge on Japan for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. b. He saw it as a way to scare Stalin after the war was over. c. He wanted to be able to provide clean, cheap energy. d. Einstein warned him that the Germans were working on the same project. e. He wanted to use it against the Germans to end the war quickly. 1 points Save Answer Question 7 Which of the following nations did not control a portion of Germany after World War II? a. United States b. Austria c. France d. England e. Soviet Union 1 points Save Answer Question 8 The cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union came down to differences between the ideologies of _____________ and ___________. a. mercantilism, fascism b. socialism, communism c. capitalism, communism d. fascism, capitalism e. socialism, fascism 1 points Save Answer Question 9 Why were the Russians not concerned about the threat of nuclear war with the United States? a. They did not understand how much destruction it would cause. b. They were not concerned with the amount of lives lost in such a war. c. They understood the destruction that it would cause and knew the United States would never do it. d. They had spies providing them information to build their own nuclear weapons. e. They knew the American public would never approve of such an action. 1 points Save Answer Question 10 After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Congress passed the _____________, which gave the president the ability to reorganize the government to make it more effective during war. a. War Powers Act b. Logan Act c. Neutrality Act d. Gilmer-Aiken Act e. Lend-Lease Bill 1 points Save Answer Question 11 What did Winston Churchill compare the occupation of lands by the Soviets after World War II to? a. A day of infamy b. A blast furnace c. A concrete ship d. A steel trap e. An iron curtain 1 points Save Answer Question 12 Who liberated Paris from Nazi control during World War II? a. Russians b. Free French Resistance c. Germany d. Americans e. English 1 points Save Answer Question 13 World War II started when a. the United States declared war on Japan. b. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. c. France was defeated by Germany. d. the Germans invaded Poland. e. England declared war on Germany after they invaded French. 1 points Save Answer Question 14 The first atomic bomb was dropped on a. Tokyo. b. Kyoto. c. Hanoi. d. Nagasaki. e. Hiroshima. 1 points Save Answer Question 15 In his ina


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