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History Homework


History Homework Read Ch. 16, pages 592-602 and 616-634 in Give Me Liberty! Read actively, taking notes in response to key concepts and ideas and also important details and examples. Questions to respond to: • What and when was the Gilded Age (why “Gilded”)? • What were the major characteristics of the second industrial revolution”? (What caused the explosive economic growth and drive to industrialize?) • Explain why industrialists like Carnegie and Rockefeller might be considered either “captains of industry” or “robber barons”. (Can you make an argument for both?) • How do you explain the rise of BIG corporations during the Gilded Age? (Consider: pools, trusts and monopolies for example.) • What were the effects of Gilded Age industrialization on different types of workers? (How were different workers affected differently? Explain.) • Overall, what do you think were the most important consequences of rapid economic growth and industrialization during this time period? • What did the Democratic and Republican political parties stand for in the 1880s? Who, in general, supported which party and why? • What are some of the most interesting and/or important examples of political corruption during the Gilded Age? Explain. • What were some of the important ideas underlying and explaining the nature of Gilded Age industrialization and the 1870s-1890 political economy? • What did you find interesting or important? What stood out to you and why? What would you like to learn more about? • What questions do you have? What is fuzzy or unclear? Be sure to: • Make one or more references to the reading assignment. • Make one or more references to at least one website or news article. • Respond to one or more of the questions posed above. • Respond to at least one classmate. • Practice good netiquette and also be mindful that the topic of race is a sensitive one! It is OK if we disagree with each other, but the conversation must remain respectful and academic. • Write at least one “meaty” paragraph (200-300 words) in your initial post and ~100 words in your reply post.


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