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History Homework Help


History Homework Help Ashford 4: Week 3 Instructor Guidance HIS 206: United States History II Instructor Guidance Week 3 Welcome to Week Three! This week we will be looking at the 1920s, (which included the motor car, the rise of mass consumerism, the “flapper” dancing, Jazz, the Harlem Renaissance and it is very lively period) But this is followed by the depression and World War II. You will have a chance to see how these events have impacted your chosen group. This week your second written assignment is due. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and use the final project worksheet. Please note that you need to include a primary source in the first discussion this week. To see a list of primary sources make sure to look under Week 3 Resources. Below is a guide for finding primary and secondary sources in the Ashford Library. This week’s guidance will cover the following areas: 1. Finding and Using Assigned Primary Sources 2. How to find Primary Sources Outside the Classroom 3. How to find Secondary sources in the Ashford Library 4. Checklist and Assignments for Week 3 5. Topics covered this week 6. Source list ________________________________________ Finding and Using Assigned Sources Video Transcript Video Transcript Go to top of page ________________________________________ Checklist and Assignments for Week 3 √ Week Three Learning Activities Due Date Review Announcements Tuesday – Day 1 Review and reflect on Instructor Guidance Tuesday – Day 1 Read Assigned Readings and View Assigned Videos No later than Day 3 Post initial response to Discussion 1 – The Twenties Thursday – Day 3


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