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HIS/112 HIS112 HIS 112 Week 1 Prehistory Assignment


HIS/112 Week 1 Prehistory and the Ancient Civilizations Assignment: Write a 800- to 1,000-word paper in which you explain the significance of the transition of humankind from a hunter–gatherer society to a food-producing society. Include the following: • A description of the Paleolithic era • Events that transformed society from the Paleolithic era to the Neolithic era • A description of Neolithic era • An explanation of how the transition from Paleolithic to Neolithic was significant in the development of Mesopotamia and Egypt Paper must include 1 – 2 UoP Library sources besides the textbook. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. For essay and paper assignments in this class, you must use font size 12, times new roman, double spaced. Have an intro, a body, a conclusion. Have a thesis statement, and use the sources and your analysis to prove your thesis. You must use quotes and citations from the textbook to formulate and defend your argument. Be sure to explain to your reader how evidence from the book supports your points. Use citations from the sources to support your argument in proper APA format. Excessive or large quotes are not acceptable. Find only that part of the quote that gets to your point and use that. Be sure to explain to your reader how your evidence supports your point. I have created a list of writing tool bookmarks with links to helpful information regarding plagiarism, how to write a thesis, proper APA formatting, and other information – http://www.diigo.com/list/davidreeves/writing-tools


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