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health care policy letter


health care policy letter Imagine you are a stakeholder for a non-profit health care organization. As a leader you are responsible for modeling ethical behavior and have the ability to encourage patient safety initiatives. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word letter to your legislator promoting a health policy which supports patient safety. Your policy could include safety issues such as and hand hygiene or Medication Administration. Include the following in your letter: Explain the health policy you are proposing and its purpose. Explain why action is needed. Explain what course of action is recommended. Explain why this health policy change is important. Explain essential points that explain how this issue has evolved or become a concern. (Include references to support your points and explanation.) Explain who will be affected by this policy. Analyze the responsibilities of the organization’s leadership. Analyze the impact this policy will have on resources. Describe if individuals meet licensing board requirements (if any). Analyze the impact of not following ethical standards. Analyze the responsibility of professional licensing boards as it applies to patient safety. Format your references page according to APA guidelines.


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