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HCS 475 HCS475 HCS/475 Week 3 Discussion 3


HCS 475 Week 3 Discussion 3 Participation Topic First Do No Harm When I was on the state medical commission I had many cases involving sexual harassment of patients and employees by doctors. Many times the doctors have such a narcissistic personality that they do not comprehend the negative effects their advances can have on the employee or patient. Usually the patient or employee that the advances are directed toward can be in a total state of shock that a doctor would do this kind of behavior. Sometimes the patient or staff will turn in the doctor immediately for the offense. If the patient does agree to a romantic relationship with the doctor this usually continues until one of the parties involved terminates the relationship. It is almost always at that point the patient will turn in the doctor for the conduct. When this happens we would get the case. If the doctor was found guilty the doctor could lose his license to practice medicine or be suspended with the provision that the doctor see a specially trained psychiatrist who is trained to handle this kind of case. Our discipline of the doctor could also help a civil suit against the doctor. The doctor would have to continue to see the psychiatrist until the psychiatrist determines that the doctor is extremely unlikely to re-offend again. In my six years on the medical commission I had only three or four cases of female doctors sexually harassing patients or employees. Class, do you think this is the best ethical approach to dealing with this problem, or should the disciplining authority be more or less harsh on the offender? Health Care Assignment Help, Health Care Homework help, Health Care Study Help, Health Care Course Help


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