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HCS 475 HCS/475 HCS475 Week 1 Discussion 4 Bounded Rationality



HCS 475 Week 1 Discussion 4 Bounded Rationality We are, to some extent, rational beings in that we will try to logically understand things and make sensible choices. However, the world is large and complex, and we do not have the capacity to understand everything. We also have a limited time in which to make decisions. We are also limited by the schemas we have and other decisional limitations. As a result, our decisions are not fully thought through and we can only be rational within limits such as time and cognitive capability. Herbert Simon indicated that there were thus two major causes of bounded rationality: • Limitations of the human mind • The structure within which the mind operates This impacts decision models that assume us to be fully rational. For example when calculating expected utility, you may be surprised to find that people do not make the best choices. I choose a new hi-fi system based on reading a few magazines and listening to several friends. When the sales person offers me a better bargain, I still turn it down. Either act within the bounds of rationality by giving the other person few choices and limited criteria, or break their existing bounds by showing how these are ineffective (then help them set up cognitive camp elsewhere). When you make a decision, pause to reflect whether what seems rational is adequate. As necessary, test your decision with other people. Do not be hurried into a decision by others. What does your bounded rationality tell you this all means? Accounts Assignment Help, Accounts Homework help, Accounts Study Help, Accounts Course Help


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