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HCS 475 HCS 475 HCS/475 Week 4 Discussion 4


HCS 475 Week 4 Discussion 4 Participation Topic First Do No Harm Part 2 Being on the medical commission was an eye opener to me on many levels. Another area that surprised me is physician abuse of drugs. Since I was a public member on the commission they would assign me cases to investigate that had to do with behavior and drug problems associated with doctors. The commission also covers psychiatrists. One of the biggest addiction problems is when anesthesiologists become addicted to drugs. When they do their drugs of choice are most often propofol and fentanyl. Propofol is a hypnotic agent used for the IV induction and maintenance of anesthesia, and can be used to ease nausea. The nick name of propofol is “Milk of Amnesia” or “Mother’s Milk” because of the milky color and soothing effect. It was the drug that may have been involved in Michael Jackson’s death. Fentanyl is used in surgery in liquid form and is also in pills and patchs usually used for pain involving cancer. One of the reasons fentanyl is popular with drug abusing Anethesiologists is the rapid high and it leaves the system quickly so it is difficult to turn up on drug testing. Once an Anesthesiologist becomes addicted to the drugs heshe has access it is hard to ever get them back into the surgical suite. The temptation is just too great. When physicians become addicted to drugs or alcohol they can self report to their state physician health programs and usually avoid discipline if they go through the program and then, after a good deal of time passes, are declared drug and or alcohol free. The programs usually monitor the doctor for 5 years or more if needed. If they do not make through the program or if they do not self-report and are caught they are subject to discipline that can include suspension or loss of license. They can not leave the state and try to practice in another state and try to pretend like nothing happened because when a disciplinary proceeding opens up in one state all states where the physcian has a license is notified and a separate proceeding opens there. So I could get cases that originated anywhere in country. What usually happens is that if the offense did not occur in your state, your state will mirror the discipline from the state where it occurred. So if the terms of discipline are satisfied in one state the others will follow in letting the physician resume practice. The goal of discipline is first and foremost to keep the patient safe. Class, What do you think of this problem and this process to try to mitigate the harm? Health Care Assignment Help, Health Care Homework help, Health Care Study Help, Health Care Course Help


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