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HCMG/630 HCMG630 HCMG 630 Week 5 Research Project “B”


HCMG 630 Week 5 Research Project “B” : Surgical site infections (SSIs) are a big issue which generated unnecessary deaths, unnecessary readmissions, and increased costs to your health organizations. YOU are the Chief Safety Officer (CSO) of an Ambulatory Care Facility. YOU were assigned by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to develop a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) plan to improve the facility’s surgical Site Infections (SSIs) that has increased from 7% to 12% in the last quarter. Prepare a presentation to present to the CEO and Medical Executive Committee (MEC). Include the following: 1. Title page and Reference Page 2. Introduction 3. Description of Current issues with SSI [Research required] 4. Discussion of the financial impact of SSI [Research required] 5. Your facility’s SSI data AND comparative SSI data [Research required] 6. CQI plan to improve your facility’s data [Research required] 7. Conclusion Be sure to LABEL each part of the answer. See Rubric for detailed instructions.


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