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Handling Financial Problems


The main focus of the project is to give you an idea on how to handle some financial problems. This paper is really focused on your personal financial needs. What I have suggested in the past is to: • Pick a topic that will benefit you personally; I suggest that you skim the book’s chapters and select a topic based on one of those chapters. • The chapter will have citations that you can use, the internet, or current publications. A whole wealth of material is out there for use. • Other students postings are useful, just be sure to cite properly. Project Due Dates and Information Comprehensive Financial Plan Outline: Due Week Four – 50 Points An outline is required to be submitted for discussion in week 4 and also placed in this drop box set up for the outline. The outline can be bullet format, topical outline or paragraph form. One page, double spaced maximum limitation on length. This is a completion grade of 50 points. ________________________________________ Comprehensive Financial Plan Draft: Due Week Seven – 25 Points Week seven’s homework is a draft of your project. The project should be in final form and need only some minor adjustments. There is a dropbox for the draft. This will be a completion grade of 25 points. The purpose is to obtain feedback and suggestions from the instructor prior to submission. ________________________________________ Comprehensive Financial Plan Final Copy and Discussion: Due Week Eight – 100 Points The paper is due during week eight of the course. You will upload the final copy into the dropbox “Comprehensive” and post your paper in “Project Discussion Area.” For a max score the following applies: This paper must be at least three pages in length, double spaced, 12 pt. font. All sources must be properly cited and referenced in a reference page. Citations must be used within the body of the paper in order to protect against plagiarism. The main focus of the project is to give you an idea on how to handle some financial problem; focused on your personal financial needs. Please note the paper is worth as many points as either of the tests. See Grading Rubrics under Course Home Unit for details on grading. Financial Accounting Assignment Help, Financial Accounting Homework help, Financial Accounting Study Help, Financial Accounting Course Help


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