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According to the lesson and cia.gov the intelligence process consists of 5 phases all with specific jobs within each phase. These phases are planning and direction, collection, processing, analysis and production and dissemination. The planning and direction phase is basically the consumer requesting the intelligence therefore identifying the need for the information. This phase looks at requirements and in the end gives the findings back to the consumer like the dissemination phase. The collection phase is pretty self explanatory, it is using different methods to collect the intelligence needed. These methods being SIGINT, FISINT, COMINT, ELINT, IMINT, MASINT, HUMINT, OSINT, and GEOINT. Different agencies focus on a specific collection method/methods to get this information. Processing is where the intelligence is processed so it can then be evaluated by an analyst. Analysis and Production phase is when the information is further analysed before it is able to be sent to policy makers and whomever else who may need to evaluate the info. Dissemination is when the finished intelligence is distributed to needed parties including the consumer who requested it in the first place. I find this process to works well and why change something that is not broken. I do not see a need to change the intelligence cycle as again why change what is working but I do think there should be another step added to the collection phase of the intelligence process. Collection is extremely important and we need to continue to collect information especially new information needed for that specific situation, but I do think that there should be a step to look into intelligence already collected and look at situations similar to the one in which intelligence is being collected for. History tends to repeat itself and a lot of terrorist look to the past and can study the acts and methods of terrorists or terrorist groups in the past. Terrorist groups sometimes perform similar types of attacks, kind of like a trademark to show it is that specific group or a method they know will work to an extent. Therefore I find this step within collection would be very beneficial and add to the overall structure of the intelligence process.


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