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Government homework help


The text states that due to government’s ever-increasing reliance on “leveraging the activity of a vast and complex network of partners in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors” government managers need to “know perhaps more than they need to do.” What does this mean and how do you think this changes the skill set of those who work in the public sector from the skills they needed a century ago? What do you think about this? The chapter introduces a fascinating challenge coming from the next generation of workers about to enter government called the Net Generation. What do you think about the norms and values this new group, perhaps you among them, brings to government based on the way they view the world and are able to access and disseminate information? What can you see to be the benefits and challenges posed by this next generation of workers? The text asks “What functions are, at their core, public—for which government has the basic responsibility? As we said earlier, efficiency is not the only goal of public programs; pursuing other important goals, such as equality, typically means making difficult trade-offs. The deepest debates are usually about ends—what should or should not be public functions?” How would you answer these questions based on what you’ve learned in the chapter? Do you agree with Herbert Simon that the task of deciding should be the central element of studying public administration? Perhaps even more, as according to Simon, that doing is impossible without deciding? Why or why not? One of the large questions surrounding federal budgeting is how should citizens and public officials make decisions about where to allocate money. The text discusses how coming to the answers involves process and analysis but also weighing normative values (noting how often the word “should” comes in to budgetary discussions). What do you think about these normative values in particular? The process and analysis component have an objective aspect but this final one a much more subjective one. As government spends tax dollars is there a necessary discussion that needs to take place involving normative values or not?


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