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Geography homework help


1. Should Elizabeth stay with her company? Why or why not? 2. What are your own views on “anti-fraternization policies”? Should all organizations have them? Why or why not? Wikipedia Notes: Court decisions in some U.S. states have allowed employers a limited legal right to enforce non-fraternization policies among employees (i.e., policies forbidding employees to maintain certain kinds of relationships with each other). Since the 1990s, such corporate policies have been increasingly adopted in the United States in the pursuit of objectives such as protecting professionalism and workplace productivity, promoting gender equality and women’s rights, or avoiding and mitigating the impact of sexual harassment lawsuits. These decisions and the policies they protect have, however, been criticized on various grounds: as illegitimate constraints on individual freedom of association, as tools for companies to punish participation in labor unions, and as expressions of overzealous political correctness. 3. In the case, why was there different treatment by the CEO and HR Director for Brad and Elizabeth? 4. What would happen if it were 2 females in the romance (e.g. Elizabeth and Claudia), or two males? How would that be dealt with in the same organization?


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