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1.) A) If we attempt to define terrorism on morally neutral terms, simple as a brutal tactic of war, what are cases of effective terrorism? B) What do the “terrorists” hope to accomplish in this scenario? What do they actually accomplish? Are they perhaps accomplishing exactly what they want? General Question Homework help 2 Blaming the cops obscures the real issue; the real issue is inner city ghettos that account for an extraordinary percentage of violent crime, suffering, and poverty, and the indifference of most of the country to this. What’s your opinion on police racism when reading this article? What’s your overall opinion on police and how the handle society when reading this article. 3. What do you think about trying to compose “rules” that, even if they are often broken, at least govern what we try to do most of the time in war? General Question Assignment Help, General Question Homework help, General Question Study Help, General Question Course Help


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