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GB/601 GB601 GB 601 Unit 6 Discussion


GB 601 Unit 6 Discussion Discussion Topic You have been working in virtual teams starting from the first week and needed to be highly effective almost instantaneously. In week 6 you will be presenting to the board and one area of this presentation includes lessons learned throughout the simulation. One key area you will address is how the team learned to work together from the outset, how you continued to maximize individual strengths to create a high performing team, and what you will be doing to continue this development. In this discussion question address the following: 1. What process the team employed to engage all team members quickly? 2. How successful was your team process? 3. How roles and responsibilities were assigned? Please include information from a.your insights profile b.the tools in the textbook reading c.Other assessment tools that you think are valuable to share 4. What best practices this and from previous courses, articles, books, and assignments have helped you? 5. What changes did you need to make along the way to ensure that the team operated in a highly effective fashion? 6. How will you apply this knowledge to your workplace and other teams you will be operating on in the future? Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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