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GB/601 GB601 GB 601 Unit 4 Discussion


GB 601 Unit 4 Discussion Last week you presented to the venture capital team and received feedback on how to increase your chances of success as you grow your company. You will be incorporating this feedback into your business plan and possibly changing your strategy. Linkow tells us “In this rapidly changing world with tight–and getting tighter–resources, the capacity to make and execute strategy is a source of competitive advantage. Organizations that don’t have strategic competence embedded in their infrastructures will fall behind” (1999, p. 37). In his article, Linkow identifies several thinking competencies that are common in great strategic thinkers: • reframing • scanning • abstracting • multivariate thinking • envisioning • inducting • valuating (p. 35) For your discussion question response this week, select 2 of these competencies and in your response: 1. Define each competency using Linkow’s work and other sources you discover in your research. 2. Discuss the impact achieving a high degree of skill in these competencies can have on an organization’s growth. 3. Select a business leader that has exhibited either one or both of these competencies and give an example to support your thoughts. 4. Talk about how this information can be helpful to your team as they change the business plan. 5. Describe how personal integration of this information can increase your effectiveness as a team member. Reference Linkow, P. (1999). What gifted strategic thinkers do? Training & Development, 53(7), 34. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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