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GB/580 GB580 GB 580 Unit 2 Discussion


GB 580 Unit 2 Discussion This is important information that will ensure that you earn maximum points. Your professionally written postings should provide substantive depth that advances the discussion. Also, please be sure to edit your posts for grammatical errors before you post. For Units 1–3, you will be choosing a company’s product or service to analyze. Please use the same company for each of these discussions. Return to the company and the product/service you analyzed and critiqued in the Unit 1 Discussion. Use both the balanced scorecard approach (pages 29–31,Strategy: A View From the Top) and the ERRC approach (eliminate, raise, reduce, and create, pages 35–37,Blue Ocean Strategy) to critique their strategy. As in Unit 1, identify which of the items in each approach are present and adequate or are missing or, in your judgment, inadequate. In the case of missing or inadequate elements, recommend changes to the strategy that will correct them. Explain the rationale behind your evaluations. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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