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GB/519 GB519 GB 519 Unit 5 Discussion


GB 519 Unit 5 Discussion Strategic Pricing with Rising Commodity Prices Please review the articles listed below. They can be located by using the Kaplan Online Library article search feature. Clickhereto access the Kaplan Library. You may also access the Kaplan Library by following these instructions: 1. Click theAcademic Toolstab 2. ClickOnline Library. 3. Log in to your account Then, prepare your Discussion Board responses in accordance with the instructions found below. Articles 1. Emerson, L. (2012, March 11) Higher gas prices affect prices of other consumer goods.The Augusta Chronicle. 2. Simos, E. (2011) Rising oil prices intensify global stagflation.Journal of Business Forecasting, 30(1) 36-40. 3. A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: The Impact of Food Inflation on European Food Retailers. Black Book – Four Ways to Play Soft Commodity Inflation; 2011, p85-95, 11p Instructions During recessionary times, commodity prices may not fall – in fact, many consumer commodity prices frequently continue to rise. For example, in 2008, the average price for a gallon of gasoline was $1.85. In 2012, the price for a gallon of gasoline rose to nearly $4.00/gallon. Not unexpectedly, food prices have risen as well, with the costs to feed a family of four rising over 20% during the same period. Additionally, governmental mandates for “Bio-Diesel” fuel have created a shortage of corn, further exacerbating the rise in global food prices. 1. Explain how you believe the rising prices affect strategic pricing-decisions made by companies that produce packaged food, cereals, canned meats and other common products found in a supermarket. Your discussion should include an examination of how consumer behavior might impact those pricing, marketing, and packaging decisions. You are required to post your initial response to the DB questions by Saturday evening of the unit. You must respond to at least 2 of your colleagues by Tuesday evening, end-of-unit. These 3 separate posts must be made on 3 different days. Also, if I ask a follow-up question to your post, your reply to my question will also qualify to satisfy the requirements to make 2 response posts. To help you ensure a successful DB learning experience, you should refer to the Discussion Board Checklist found in Extra Extra. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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