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GB/519 GB519 GB 519 Unit 4 Discussion


GB 519 Unit 4 Discussion Budgeting This discussion is intended to provide a real-life application of the budgeting concepts covered in this unit. Draw from your personal as well as professional experiences to answer the Discussion Questions below. Remember that this is a discussion, so keep your responses succinct and to the point. Additionally, pleaserefrain from any partisanremarks regarding any political figures. This discussion should be focused on budgeting, not politics. Please review the article listed below. It can be located by using the Kaplan Online Library article search feature. Clickhereto access the Kaplan Library. You may also access the Kaplan Library by following these instructions: 1. Click theAcademic Toolstab 2. ClickOnlineLibrary. 3. Log in to your account Then, prepare your Discussion Board responses in accordance with the instructions found below. Article 1. Aliabadi, S., Alireza, D., & Aijana, A. (2011, October). Budget deficit, national debt, and government spending: Is now the right time to cut deficit and reduce national debt?Journal of Accounting, Business & Management, 18(2), 74-83. Instructions Now that you have read the article, please post a substantive response to the following parts of this Unit 4 Discussion: 1. What are some of the benefits of budgeting? 2. The article identifies challenges facing the American people due to the ever-increasing budget deficit. Do you believe that a “culture of entitlements” exists that contributes to the budget crisis? Does this concept carry over to corporate culture? 3. What priorities should a CEO have in terms of providing for his or her employees and simultaneously properly managing the finances of the company? Should an executive of a state or country have the same priorities? You are required to post your initial response to the DB questions by Saturday evening of the unit. You must respond to at least 2 of your colleagues by Tuesday evening, end-of-unit. These 3 separate posts must be made on 3 different days. Also, if I ask a follow-up question to your post, your reply to my question will also qualify to satisfy the requirements to make 2 response posts. To help you ensure a successful DB learning experience, you should refer to the Discussion Board Checklist found in Extra Extra. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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