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Further Analysis of IRS Requirements


CT #4 Grant Writing Module 4: Critical Thinkin Further Analysis of IRS Requirements (70 Points) Locate Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 557: Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization athttp://www.irs.gov. During Module 1, you read IRS Publication 557, Chapter 2: Filing Requirements and Required Disclosures. In this CT assignment, in a 2-3 page paper using APA/CSU-Global guidelines, discuss the importance of donee and donor information requirements for a 501(c)(3) and the implications of failing to adhere to these IRS requirements. Your paper should include the following: Give an example of a noncash donor gift (the value of the gift in your example must be greater than $5,000 and require an appraisal) that would fall under the IRS regulations pertaining to “disposition of donated property.” Summarize the process and specify the information the charity is required to provide the donor and the IRS if the gift is disposed of within three years and also after three years. Contrast what documentation the donor is required to provide to the charity and to the IRS if the gift is disposed of within three years as well as after three years.


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