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Full Employment


Full Employment The purpose of this assessment is to understand the concept of full employment and analyze how frictional unemployment affects it. Assessment Description: Based on your understanding of full employment, answer the following questions: What does full employment mean to you? Does full employment mean everyone who is looking for the job gets one? Is it possible for an economy to achieve full employment? Provide appropriate rationale to support your response. Is full employment related to natural rate of employment? Provide appropriate rationale to support your response. How does frictional unemployment always come in the way of full unemployment? Submission Requirements: Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document with the following specifications: Font: Arial; Point 12 Spacing: Double Page length: 2 pages Evaluation Criteria: The Essay assessment will be evaluated using the following criteria: Did you answer all the questions correctly? Did you explain appropriate rationale to support your answers? Did you use macroeconomic terminologies in your essay wherever possible? Did your thoughts flow coherently? Did you meet the page length requirements? Did you adhere to Standard English grammar, spelling, and punctuation requirements?


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