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FP/101 FP101 FP 101 Week 9 ASSIGNMENT 2


FP 101 Week 9 ASSIGNMENT 2 We covered many important topics during this class. Understanding spending and income, cutting expenses, saving and investing money, building an emergency fund, improving credit, getting out of debt, protecting your assets, and setting financial goals are just some of those topics. These concepts will aid your continued personal financial planning for the rest of your life. Submit a 200- to 350-word class summary addressing the following questions: • How would you explain the value of financial planning to friends or family? • Which topics will you discuss with children in your life? • Which topics do you feel are most important for adults to fully understand? Explain why you chose these topics. • Have you seen your financial behavior change over the course of this class? If so, how? If not, what changes would you like to make in the future?


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