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FP/101 FP101 FP 101 Week 7 QUIZ


FP 101 Week 7 QUIZ 1. If your employer offers a matching contribution in the company retirement plan, what action should you take? 2. To calculate accurately the size of your future retirement nest egg, you should 3. What does the term matching contribution refer to? 4. Which of the following should you look for when choosing a financial advisor? 5. Which of the following accurately defines the term compound growth? 6. What is the most important contributor to successful retirement planning? 7. Starting to save at a younger age is most beneficial to your retirement planning because of what process? 8. With a Roth IRA, at what age are you are required to begin withdrawing money? 9. A retirement plan that allows you to withdraw your contributions at any time regardless of age without incurring taxes or a tax penalty is 10. A 401(k) plan, 403-b plan, Thrift Savings plan, and 457 plan are all examples of which of the following plan types?


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