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FP/101 FP101 FP 101 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT


FP 101 Week 6 ASSIGNMENT In this week’s PFP exercise, you not only work in the PFP Lab, but you also research your current insurance coverage and find detailed information for your specific needs. Open the Insurance Evaluator worksheet in the workbook you selected for your PFP assignments. Follow the Insurance Evaluator instructions in the PFP Lab to complete this week’s assignment. Explore your current coverage to determine if it is sufficient. Get out the documents that detail your existing coverage. Do you think it’s sufficient? Would that amount cover all your losses? In addition to working with your own insurance provider or your employer to learn more about what is available to you, you can explore the included links. Submit your completed Insurance Evaluator assignment in the PFP Microsoft® Excel® workbook to the Assignments tab.


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