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Form of personal power is Mike using


Form of personal power is Mike using 1. Ralph makes it a point to always offer help in technical areas in which he is skilled and knowledgeable. His subordinates trust his judgment, and form one of the most productive units in the company. What type of power is Ralph exerting? a) legitimate power. b) coercive power. c) referent power. d) reward power. e) expert power. 2. In leading his work team on any project, Mike and the team members will typically discuss the project goals and the best way to achieve those goals. Which form of personal power is Mike using? a) process power. b) expert power. c) referent power. d) rational persuasion. e) information power. 3. __________ behavior is action directed primarily at developing or using relationships in which other people are willing to some degree to defer to one’s wishes. a) skill-oriented. b) endowment-oriented. c) capability-oriented. d) power-oriented. e) referent-oriented. 4. __________ can be enhanced when managers are able to demonstrate to others that their work units are highly relevant to organizational goals and are able to respond to urgent organizational needs. a) statutory power. b) personal power. c) position power. d) hierarchical power. e) bureaucratic power. 5. In order to increase their centrality and criticality in the organization, managers may seek to acquire a more central role in the workflow by doing all of the following EXCEPT: a) having information filtered through them. b) occupying an office convenient to main traffic flows. c) expanding their network of communication contacts. d) increasing their political savvy. e) making at least part of their job responsibilities unique. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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