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firmware primarily stored on a computer system


firmware primarily stored on a computer system 1. Process management, resource management, access management, and event management are examples of: a. Security processes b. Functions of a database management system c. Functions of an operating system d. Types of operating systems 2. The innermost portion of an operating system is known as: a. Kernel b. Core c. Ring 0 d. Process 0 3. A security manager wishes all new laptops purchased by his organization to include a security cryptoprocessor. What hardware should be required? a. Floating point co-processor b. Smart card reader c. Fingerprint reader d. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 4. Where is firmware primarily stored on a computer system? a. Trusted Platform Module b. Read-only memory c. Master boot record d. File system 5. A computer running the Windows operating system has nearly exhausted available physical memory for active processes. In order to avoid exhausting all available memory, what should the operating system begin doing? a. Swapping b. Paging c. Killing old processes d. Running the garbage collector Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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