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Financial markets homework help


Describe the type of banking and loan arrangements you would use to collect the funds to launch the business, and explain how these accounts would be monitored to ensure accuracy and sufficiency of funds. Show an example of how a loan might be constructed to obtain the start-up capital, including computations of payments and interest. Discuss the types of taxes you will need to consider collecting, paying, or remitting relative to your business, and explain how these are computed. Explain how you will use pricing, commissions, discounts, markups, or markdowns strategically to help generate interest in your business product or service offering. Discuss how these will affect income and the cash available to the business. Assuming that inventory and computers are among the first asset purchases planned, explain how these will be acquired. Show computations of how costs will be recovered. Discuss how technology and the Internet will be used for banking and financial aspects of the start-up and operation of your business. Discuss the issues and risks associated with processing financial transactions and records on the Internet, and explain how you plan to address them.


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