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Finance markets homework help


When appropriate, provide a citation and a copy of your source. a. Describe the basic characteristics of stock insurers. b. Describe the basic features of mutual insurers. c. Identify the major types of mutual insurers. Property and casualty insurance can be marketed under different marketing systems. Compare the independent agency system with the exclusive agency system with respect to each of the following: Number of insurers represented by the agent Ownership of policy expirations Differences in the payment of commissions You have just learned that “the number of life insurers has declined sharply during the past decade because of the increase in company mergers and acquisitions, demutualization of insurers, and formation of mutual holding companies.” How many life insurers are there currently in the U.S.? How many life insurance companies were there in 1970? Provide a citation and a copy of your source. Why have mergers and acquisitions among insurers increased over time? What is the meaning of demutualization? Briefly explain the advantages of demutualization of a mutual life insurer. What is a mutual holding company? What are the advantages of a mutual holding company to an insurer?


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