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Finance homework help


PART 1 – Company Information Briefly provide answers to the following question for your assigned company. 1. Provide a brief overview of the company and its mission. 2. List one major issue or event the company had in the past year as discussed in the annual report. Have you read any news on this issue? 3. What is the company ticker symbol? 4. What classes of stock are issued by the company? 5. List the dates of all dividend payments for the current year. 6. Who is the CEO? 7. Who is the independent auditor? What section of the annual report is audited? List page numbers. 8. Where are the executive offices located? 9. What was the common stock high and low for the past year? 10. List all market sectors in which this company would be listed. 11. What is the company’s fiscal year-end? 12. What is management’s assessment of the company’s risk associated with interest rates, changing prices and self-insurance? PART 2 Financial Statement Research Locate the following items for the current year and the prior year. What is the percentage change for each item listed? What observations can you make for each item? Is there anything in the annual report that supports your observations? SALES COST OF SALES GROSS PROFIT INTEREST EXPENSE ADVERTISING EXPENSE (or SGA) DEPRECIATION EXPENSE INCOME TAX EXPENSE NET INCOME (LOSS) CASH INVENTORY TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS FIXED ASSETS (PPE) LONG TERM DEBT TOTAL EQUITY Financial Statement Analysis a. Calculate the following ratios for the current fiscal year and the prior year. DEBT TO OWNER’S EQUITY RATIO CURRENT RATIO QUICK RATIO RETURN ON SALES (PROFITABILITY) INVENTORY TURNOVER 1. Based upon your computations in part (a), does the company’s liquidity appear to have increased or decreased? Explain. 2. Based upon your computations in part (a), what is your analysis of the company’s profit margin? 3. What other information would you need to help make a complete analysis of the company? 4. Would you invest in this company? Explain why or why not using the ratios computed in part (a).


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