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FIN350 Discussions


FIN350 Discussions 1) Does the high number of unemployed seeking work change the notion of TANF’s work incentives for low-income families when compared to the legislative intent in 1996? What is the proof of your position? The Economic and Social Policy Research and Center on Budget/Policy Priorities websites are good resources for this week’s discussion. 2) Explain why workers who reached retirement age in the early years of the Social Security system are perceived to have received a better deal than workers about to retire and those who will retire in the future. Substantiate your explanation with credible sources. 3) What is the benefit principle for selecting a method of taxation? Is the benefit principle more likely to be followed if a tax structure is regressive, proportional, or progressive? Please give some examples of such tax structures. 4) California issued debt (general obligation bonds) to fund the state budget and must now repay what it borrowed. Given the facts above, please indicate if you think that California’s debt is more likely to be internal or external. How do you know? Furthermore, is the repayment of state and local government debt likely to drain purchasing power from citizens in those areas? 5)It is your time to shine. Please CREATE your own stimulating discussion board question for the group based on a topic/concept regarding taxes as studied in Module 7. Please make sure you respond to two or more of the provocative questions created by your classmates. 6) Has your perspective on public finance/government issues changed during the course of this session of FIN350? Why or why not? What are the top three most important concepts that you will take away from this class?


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