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FIN 320 Week 1 Assignment 1



FIN 320 Week 1 Assignment 1 2. Business Article (Ethics) Analysis Use these directions for this assignment. Using the Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR), the Internet, or other sources locate an article relating to the US sub-prime mortgage crisis or any other topic relevant to the current economic and financial situation in the US. Prepare a 350-700-word (note that I do not deduct points for going over the word count) analysis of your article in which you address the following items: a. What is your overall assessment of the current economic environment? What do you believe are the main contributors to the current economic condition in the US? You may also want to discuss what – if any- impact the mortgage situation might have on corporations that are not in the mortgage lending industry and explain the rationale behind your answer. Post to your Assignment Link by Day 7 (Mon). Please follow APA Format for all papers and complete your assignment using a word processing package (e.g., Microsoft Word). Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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