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Fiedler’s cognitive resource theory


Fiedler’s cognitive resource theory 1. Assume you are the supervisor of a group of bank tellers. Your subordinates are highly supportive, their jobs are well defined, and you have clear authority to evaluate and reward their performance. Which of the following leadership styles would be most recommended based upon Fiedler’s theory? a) task-motivated. b) relationship-motivated. c) human relations. d) team-motivated. e) achievement-motivated. 2. Suppose that the following features characterize the leadership situation in a specific work team: (a) The skills required in each team member’s job, the order in which tasks are to be performed, and the interdependencies among the various jobs are all clearly defined. (b) The supervisor frequently criticizes team members and readily punishes them because he has the power to do so. (c) Because the supervisor is punitive, the team members try to undermine his authority and sabotage his leadership. Which leadership style likely would be most effective in this situation? a) task-motivated. b) relationship-motivated. c) human relations. d) team-motivated. e) achievement-motivated. 3. According to Fiedler’s cognitive resource theory, whether a leader should use directive or nondirective behavior depends on all of the following factors EXCEPT: a) the leader’s or subordinate group members’ ability or competency. b) stress. c) experience. d) industry. e) group support of the leader. 4. The biggest controversy about Fiedler’s contingency theory concerns . a) the three variables that Fiedler chose to measure –– high, moderate, and low control. b) what Fiedler’s LPC instrument measures c) Fiedler’s notion of situational control. d) Fiedler’s definition of position power. e) Fielder’s behavioral interpretation. 5. In __________, leaders are trained to diagnose the situation to match their high or low LPC scores with situational control. a) diagnostic development. b) situational control analysis. c) leader match training. d) situational diagnostics. e) leader analysis profiling. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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