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Excel and operation management


Excel and operation management Submit an Excel workbook with solutions to Problems 1,3, 5 and 7 from Chapter 2. Be sure to label all cells and use Excel formulas to complete your calculations. If properly constructed, a user of your solution should be able to change the input values to recalculate a new productivity measure. Use the examples we did in class as a guide to create your solutions. (If you get stuck, you can also use the Excel template and Solved Problems Ch2_Productivity_Measures.xls to create your submission, but you probably won’t get that extra “excellence” point). If the question asks for a written response or conclusion, add a text box to the workbook and type your answer in a textbox rather than a cell. Finally, unless instructed to the contrary, please do ALL problems in a separate sheet of the workbook and clearly label each sheet with the exercise number (e.g. P1, P3, P5, P7). Exhibit 2.5 – Productivity measures Input and Output Production Data($) Product Measure Examples Output Total Measure 1. Finished units $10,000 0.89 2. Work in process $2,500 3. Dividends $1,000 4. Bonds Multifactor measures: 5. Other income 4.28 Total outputs = $13,500 3.17 Input 1. Human $3,000 2. Material $153 3. Capital $10,000 Partial measures 25.00 4. Energy $540 18.52 5. Other expenses $1,500 Total inputs = $15,193


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