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Evidence Tracking


Evidence-Tracking Instructions, which are located in the Week Three Assessment section of the student website, to gain access to the DNA Initiative website (http://dna.gov/training/letraining). The website provides access to several different crime scenes and scenarios that are used for this assignment. • Explore the chosen scenario from the University of Phoenix Material: Evidence-Tracking Instructions to learn enough information to complete the assignment. • Write a 1,400- to 1750-word paper in which forensic and other evidence found at the selected crime scene is tracked from collection through presentation. Include the following: a. Brief description of the chosen scenario b. Two different types of collected evidence c. Sources of the evidence d. Proper collection procedures e. Instructions on how to record the evidence f. Chain of evidence g. Processing protocols h. Interpretation methods i. Preservation of evidence j. Proper presentation methods for different types of evidence k. Consequences of mishandling evidence • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines


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