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Thesis and outline Student’s Name University Affiliation Fiction Essay Thesis and outline Thesis In Shirley Jackson’s, “The Lottery”, and Graham Greene’s “The Destructors”, the authors create stories filled with reality, grim, irony, symbolism and a ritualized custom that covers evil, which eventually demonstrates how people follow tradition blindly (Greene, 1990; Jackson, 1982). Outline I. Introduction II. Setting B. Time Period III. Plot A. What are the displayed in both stories? IV. Characters A. Main Characters B. Characters’ traits V. Tone of Stories VI. Conclusion Contrast and Comparison of the Lottery and the Destructors The Destructors and the lottery are two extraordinary representatives of the globe literature. The writers of these two fictional pieces are Graham Greene and Shirley Jackson, in accordance, which conceals the exact meaning of their narratives behind comic pictures and satirical depictions. Even though the destructors, as well as the lottery, carry the reader into a mostly dissimilar from one another’s imaginary world, characters in both stories similarly undergo the pressure of their society or surroundings. Graham Greene and Shirley Jackson portrayed a patent depiction as to how the world may sorely and easily impact the population that lives in it. Therefore, heroes of the destructors and the lottery stay under the power of what has occurred around them, and their approach towards daily life is affected by situations of their dejected existence. Thus, the plot of the Lottery and the destructors represents the destroying impact of culture and traditions on people’s life. Evil and good in the destructors are a bit complicated, restrained yet powerful. The boys are in their teenage, a time in between adulthood and childhood where innocence evolves into pragmatism. However, these boys have no innocence. It appears as if it is either their upbringing or the war that left them rebellious, selfish and cynical. To them, it is fun to destroy a thing that the Nazi bomb could not. In contrast, if there is evil there is also supposed to be good. In the lottery, the mood is as a matter of fact festive, nearly like it was festival time or circus. The lottery was carried out when there were square dances. In the destructors, goodness is a bit more restrained. It is more a contrast in the sarcastic nature of Thomas (Greene, 1990). He is old yet very naïve in the way he gives chocolates to the boys. References Greene, G. (1990). The destructors. Mankato, MN: Creative Education, Inc. Jackson, S. (1982). The lottery and other stories. New York, NY: Farrar, Straus, Giroux.


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