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Write an Exploratory Essay. Prompt: “Writing for Life” Scenario 3, page 118. Please be sure to use the textbook to successfully complete this assignment. You must choose the essay option I have provided for this assignment . If you submit an essay that does not respond to one of the prompts, your essay will not be accepted as an appropriate response to this writing assignment; instead, you will be asked to write another essay that does respond to the prompt you were assigned. The first draft of your Exploratory Essay (500 words minimum) is due on Wednesday, July 13, 2016. The final draft is due Sunday, July 17, 2016. Also, remember to reference your Lectures – Week Three folder for helpful information on your writing. The McGraw-Hill Guide: Writing for College, Writing for Life Chapter 1: Writing Goals and Objectives for College and for Life -Most discourse has a goal or purpose: to explain, to inform, to persuade, and so on. Whatever the purpose, effective writers achieve their objectives. -Rhetoric is the use of words- either spoken or written- as well as visuals to achieve some goal. -The first decision a writer makes is rhetorical: What would you like this writing to do for a particular group of readers- your audience- at a particular place and time? Once you have determined your goals, you are prepared to decide how much and what kinds of information your audience needs to know and what will be convincing to this audience. You also decide how to collect this information and how to present it in an appropriate format. This rhetorical approach applies to writing that you do in various settings- not just in the classroom. (p. 1) Writing in the Four Areas of Your Life (p. 2) The ability to write effective college papers is an important goal of this course and this text. Writing skills are vital not just in college, however, but also in the professional, civic, and personal parts of your life. Learning Goals in This Course (p. 4) The goals are organized into four broad areas: rhetorical knowledge and analysis; critical thinking, reading and writing; writing processes; knowledge of conventions; and composing in electronic environments. Rhetorical Knowledge Rhetorical knowledge includes an understanding of -Audience -Purpose: to learn, to share experiences, to explore, to inform, to analyze, to convince, to evaluate, to examine causes and effects, to solve problems, and to respond to creative works. -Rhetorical situation: writer, purpose, audience, topic, context/occasion -Writer’s voice and tone: writer’s voice is the personality or image that is revealed in the writer’s text, tone is the writer’s attitude toward the topic, the audience, and other people. -Context, medium, and genre: Contexts- circumstances that surround the writing. Medium- physical or electronic means of communication, and it includes books, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and the World Wide Web. Genre- content of texts, forms of texts. Rhetorical Analysis (p. 9) A Rhetorical analysis can any of the rhetorical situations: audience, rhetorical appeals, voice and tone, context, format, and genre. A rhetorical analysis is the examination of the relative effectiveness of a particular text written for a particular audience for a particular purpose. (p. 9) Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing In general, you engage in critical thinking when you examine an idea from many perspectives- seeing it in new ways. Writing Processes (pp. 10-11) Although writing process vary from writer to writer and from situation, effective writers generally go through the following activities: -Generating initial ideas -Relating those ideas to the writing situation or assignment -Conducting research to find support for their ideas -Organizing ideas and support and writing an initial draft -Revising and shaping the paper, frequently with the advice of other readers -Editing and polishing the paper The


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