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Environmental uncertainty and volatility can be particularly damaging


Environmental uncertainty and volatility can be particularly damaging 1. Which of the following statements inaccurately describe a rich environment? a) economic conditions are improving. b) more organizations survive, even if they have poorly functioning organizational designs. c) the environment is filled with more opportunities and dynamism, and the potential for change. d) suppliers are willing to invest in the an organization’s future. e) customers are spending less money. 2. In the United States, downsizing is a fairly common organizational response to the __________ created by a general recession. a) leaner environment. b) meaner environment. c) richer environment. d) independent environment. e) interdependent environment. 3. Environmental uncertainty and volatility can be particularly damaging to __________. a) simple designs. b) adhocracies. c) small firms. d) large bureaucracies. e) small bureaucracies. 4. The obvious organizational design response to uncertainty and volatility is to opt for a more __________ form. a) mechanistic. b) organic. c) bureaucratic. d) hierarchical. e) centralized. 5. The __________ and the __________ are important ways in which firms learn to co-evolve by altering their environments. a) management of networks influence of governments. b) use of corporate philanthropy the promotion of total quality. c) influence of governments development of alliances. d) use of corporate philanthropy influence of governments. e) management of networks development of alliances. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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