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English homework help


Point System (Total 10 pts. – 6 pts. for your post; 2 pts. for each reply to a classmates’ post) To earn the full 6 points for a writing task to each topic, your task must adhere to the following:  2 paragraphs, or an estimated 10 sentences in length per paragraph (though, i.e. SUBSTANTIAL)  Paragraphs needs to be responsive to question and substantive, posting comments or questions that enhanced the discussion, helped move the conversation forward. These may have included follow-up questions, examples, or new perspectives. For this post, I want you to surprise me. Take a passage or small section from any section of the novel and write a brief meditation on the text — what themes/plots/moods are you noticing emerging from the novel? Write a response with questions you have about the plot, characters, form (letters), or setting. Think about your experience as a reader forming meaning from Frankenstein–what and where is your critical eye drawn to? As usual, make sure you craft your argument of your mini-analysis using quotes as evidences. Read: Finish entire Mary Shelley, Frankenstein (1818) Watch: Judith Butler video Requirements: I also expect you to quote from the text. When you do so, please use proper quotation and citation adhering to MLA style with the line # in parentheses and a / to indicate a line break. For example: The Beowulf poet writes, “Often, for undaunted courage, / Fate spares the man it has not already marked” (l.572-3). • 2 paragraphs of 10 sentences each • For the replies. 4 sentences for each thread of classmates.


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