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English homework help


1. You’ve been asked to find the average of a range of numbers. Which of the following could you use to find the average of cells A1:A10? A. =MIN(A1:A10) B. =SUM(A1:A10) C. =AVG(A1:A10) D. =MAX(A1:A10) 2. Helga needs to lay out her newly created pivot table. What are the two ways she can set up a pivot table? A. Helga can check the field or type in the data in the pivot table. B. When Helga created the pivot table, Excel automatically put the fields to the appropriate cells of the pivot table. There aren’t two ways to set up a pivot table. C. Helga can drag the fields to the four boxes in the pivot table field list or right-click a field name and choose its location from the shortcut menu. D. Helga can slide cells to the four boxes or double-click properties to choose from a list of pivot table options. 3. Which of the following keys on a keyboard allows you to select multiple cells located in different parts of your worksheet? A. Ctrl B. Tab C. Shift D. Alt 4. What is the purpose of OneDrive? A. OneDrive allows the user to work on one computer drive at a time. B. OneDrive saves files to the Desktop. C. OneDrive organizes files on an external hard drive. D. OneDrive allows the user to save files online or in the cloud. 5. In Word, a red wavy underline indicates a/an A. thesaurus suggestion. B. possible grammatical error. C. hard page break. D. possible misspelled word. 6. Default tab stops are set in Word every ___________ inch. A. 1 B. ½ C. ¾ D. ¼ 7. How do you access the dictionary and thesaurus in Word? A. In the Insert tab, click the Help icon to the left of the Spelling & Grammar tool. B. In the View tab, click the Dictionary icon. C. In the Review tab, click the Define icon next to the Spelling & Grammar tool. D. Click the Dictionary/Thesaurus icon in the upper-left page. 8. To reveal paragraph markers—such as spaces, hard returns, and tabs—in your document, what should you do? A. Click the Page Layout tab. B. Click the General tab. C. Click the Show/Hide Paragraph button. D. Right-click anywhere in the task bar and click the ¶ symbol. 9. How would you insert a section break in a document? A. Click the Break button in the Insert tab. B. Click the Breaks button in the Page Layout tab. C. Click the Section button in the Home tab. D. Press Ctrl+Enter. 10. You send a report to your boss for feedback, and it’s returned to you with the edits noted in the electronic file. This Word feature is called A. Online Markup. B. Markup Changes. C. Online Edits. D. Track Changes. 11. A feature in Excel that allows you to graphically display in a single cell the trend across a range of cells is called a A. spark point. B. pivot line. C. sparkline. D. pivot point. 12. Arthur needs to copy the formula in cell C13 to cell D13. He needs cell D13 to have the same formula but referenced with a new location. Which type of cell reference should he use? A. Mixed cell reference B. Absolute cell reference C. Relative cell reference D. Duplicate cell reference 13. Which of the following identifies the patterns used for each data series in a chart? A. Data point B. Data series C. The horizontal and vertical axes D. Legend 14. You’re working in a table that has three columns and five rows. Since the first row will be a header row, you want it to span all three columns. What formatting feature should you use? A. Autofit cells B. Combine cells C. Merge cells D. Connect cells 15. After inputting a formula or a piece of data into a cell, what happens to the cell pointer when you press Enter? A. It moves to the last cell in the column. B. It moves to the next adjacent cell to the right. C. It moves up one cell. D. It moves down one cell. 16. You just finished creating an expense report table, but your boss tells you to creat


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