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English homework help


• How much of your day is spent writing? • Writing to staff? Clients? Prospective clients? Complaints? Procedural? • For each type of writing, ask if you can see it? Take one? Ask audience questions (who gets it? Why?) • How long is it? How much time to complete it? Do you show it to anyone before submitting it? • Ever have a good or bad or embarrassing experience writing one of these reports? • Is it hard? Easy? • Who taught you how to write one? • Ever write only part of one (written collaboratively?) • History: How has it changed over the years? • Flawed ones: what happened? • Digital? Printed out? • Draw a flowchart to follow the report: Where is it before you write it, where does it go from your desk to _____________. What happens next? Is it kept as a copy somewhere? How long? Who uses it in the future? • How is it organized? (Go part by part). Does it include figures? Is anything in color? • What is the function: teaching, selling, advocating, judging, archiving information, researching (or reporting research), or other? Why? • Explain nature of the patent—what is it? • What does each subsection contain information on (named headings and explanations) • Does it use figures? When? Why? • Why you chose it • Purpose, audience, context • Organization (abstract? Introduction? Figures?) • Language and style (Clarify what you mean by “formal” or “friendly” or “technical” by quoting examples from text) Jargon? Technical Language? • History of text?


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